The main goals of the association are :

  • connect PhD students and post-doctoral researchers with each other (for exemple, via afterwork gatherings);
  • inform ENS Paris-Saclay students regarding PhD life and the research world;
  • educate people outside ENS Paris-Saclay (middle school students, high school students, families…) about post-graduate studies, PhDs and research world.

We also want to :

  • support PhD students, in particular foreign ones, with school administrative procedures (administrative registration, discussions with « département des études doctorales », badge…);
  • inform PhD students about school opportunities (student life, sport, representation in advisory bodies, psychology unit…).

General assembly

ADEPS organized March 11, 2021 a general assembly. The agenda was:– financial statement– action taken since ADEPS creation– future projects– election of the new board– various issues. Please find below the slides used by the 2020-2021 board. A summary of the general assembly was written, in french for administrative features.