ADEPS creation

On June 25th 2020, four PhD students created the ENS Paris-Saclay PhD students association :

  • President : Céline Jégat, PPSM laboratory (chemistry) ;
  • Vice Presidente : Emilie Grienenberger, LSV laboratory (computing) ;
  • Treasurer : Coline Soler, IDHES laboratory (social sciences) ;
  • Secretary : David Etievant, LURPA laboratory (mechanics).

The main goals of the association are :

  • put the PhD students* in contact;
  • give informations about PhD and the research world to the students of ENS Paris-Saclay;
  • educate people outside ENS Paris-Saclay (middle school students, high school students, families…) about post-graduate studies, PhD and research world.

*The association also welcome post-doctoral students !

The official documents are the statutes and the rules of procedures: