PhD students* are a plural and dynamic population of ENS Paris-Saclay.

ADEPS allows them to :

  • get in contact with PhD students from other ENS Paris-Saclay laboratories, during afterworks or other events organized by the association, in order to create a close-knit group and enhance networking;
  • get involved in the events toward the school students to give information to them about PhD and research world, during noon meetings when PhD students and school students can have informal exchanges;
  • educate people outside ENS Paris-Saclay (middle school students, high school students, families…) about post-graduate studies, PhD and research world, during oral interventions in schools or public events organized in ENS Paris-Saclay.

ADEPS also :

  • support PhD students, in particular foreign ones, with the school administratives procedures (administrative registration, discussions with « département des études doctorales », badge…);
  • inform PhD students about the school opportunities (student life, sport, representation in advisory bodies, psychology unit…).

* The association also welcomes post-doctoral researchers!

Official documents of the association: